The Academy of Magical Sciences - Gopinath Muthukad
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The Academy of Magical Sciences

The Academy of Magical Sciences

The Academy of Magical Sciences was established in 1996 at Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala with the basic objective of upholding the torch of science, dismantling superstitions and for popularizing magic as an art and science. It is the hub of magic where the dreams and desires of Indian magician’s especially street magicians are transformed in to reality.

Magic Academy plays a key role in uplifting magic from the streets and elevating it to the level of an exciting form, at par with other performing arts. With decade of altruistic service, now the academy has become the shelter of magicians from all over the country to assemble, discuss and evolve solutions for their day today affairs.

To uphold the torch of science to dismantle all kinds of irrational beliefs existing in our society with the help of magical art, moreover to preserve and rehabilitate the rare Indian street magicians and their blessed skills who are at the verge of complete extinction.

1. To promote, develop and disseminate the art and science of magic to common people.
2. To fight against all kinds of superstitious beliefs and manmade miracles through the medium of magic.
3. To coordinate and cooperate with other magic maestros, thereby facilitate the advancement of magical art in all forms.
4. To make magic as a potent tool for nation building activities like mass general education and societal development.
5. To create employment opportunities through new initiatives of magic